The One with the Honeymoon (maybe)

We’re paying for this wedding largely with our own funds. Which means we have to be super aware of every penny that we spend, and that’s fine! That’s what budgets are for.

We’ve cut out some unnecessary details and made adjustments to cut costs. Unfortunately, this may include our honeymoon.

I’ve had some mixed reviews when I tell people we probably won’t be able to go on a honeymoon right after our wedding. Some people tell me that we need to factor that in as a priority to our budget, and others find it totally normal to wait a few months, save up some money, and go on a real trip.

To me, and I know some people think otherwise, the honeymoon is a trip, but the wedding is what is important. It’s the symbolic ceremony of Cam and I joining our lives, and the reception that follows is a chance for our family and friends to celebrate. The vast majority of our budget is going towards the wedding. And that’s what I intend to use it for.

On the other hand, I picture my honeymoon as being the best trip I’ve ever been on. It’s a time for us to relax, enjoy each others’ company and get away from everything at home. I would absolutely love to leave the morning after our wedding, jump on a plane and jet to Hawaii for 2 weeks, but that probably won’t happen.

The average all-inclusive honeymoon is $4,466 according to Real Size Bride. If we end up with an extra $5,000 when all is said and done, sure! We’ll go on a trip the next day! But what is more likely is that the wedding will come and go, and we’ll continue our daily life for a few months until we save up that money to head to somewhere sunny and warm with bottomless daiquiris. We’ve decided that this is what is likely going to happen, but that doesn’t stop me from checking about a billion travel sites every day looking for deals.


Sandals Grande Antigua // Image via

We have, however, decided to spend a few days at the beach after the wedding – probably Hilton Head, to have a mini-moon.


Image via Color Buzz

Still gorg, and if you’ve never been to Hilton Head, you’re missing out! But it’s no All-inclusive white sand resort.

The other big issue is that we are mainly looking at Caribbean honeymoon spots, and if you know anything about weather, you know that September-October is prime hurricane season. We’re not even going to bring up the fact that there is a very real possibility of torrential downpours on the South Carolina coast during my wedding.

Should we end up with enough left-over cash to head out soon after our wedding, we are definitely going to be purchasing trip insurance. I have no intention of spending a week in a flooded hotel room with no power, call me crazy!


yeah, no. // Image via Destination 360

So, we still don’t know yet. I’ve been exploring every avenue I can think of – discount vacation sites, Groupon, Living Social, Google Getaways, you name it. I’ve entered every “win a honeymoon!” contest on the internet. I know I’m going to need that time for relaxing with my new hubby, but I just am not sure it’s going to happen. And yet, I still cling to the hope that we will win something, find an amazing deal, get a ridiculous bonus from work, or win the lottery.

Anyone else out there having problems with their honeymoon? Can you afford it? Are you waiting? Did you go on a Mini-moon and save up for the real deal? Anyone ever win a honeymoon in a contest?

And just for fun – here is what Charlie and I saw the dog park today in Charlotte:


Personal Photo

Yes, that is a monkey in a preemie giraffe onesie and diaper sitting on a sleeping pit bull puppy. Pretty standard.


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