The One With the Registering Pt. 1

Today, I set out to accomplish a task – find. my. wedding. shoes. If you’ve been keeping up, you know that wedges are not easy to come by. I expanded my search to every corner of the internet, and found a few that I actually may like. But not before I went to Macy’s, Dillard’s, Belk, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Anthropologie, TJ Maxx, DSW, Off Broadway Shoes, Nordstrom Rack and Target. In one afternoon. Piperlime has a few promising options and I’ll be taking full advantage of their free shipping and free returns. Put a pin in that.

Anyway, I wanted to accomplish something wedding-related, so Cam and I went to Crate & Barrel to move in update our registry! We registered at C&B on January 1. Something about the new year made me want to get a move on!

Problem was – all the winter stuff was out on display and all the spring/summer items were still months from showing up. We registered for a bunch of basic items, and decided to visit back again later, which was today!

We have the ultimate hodge-podge of stuff from when we moved in together – plastic cups with college logos and mismatched chipped plates galore! We decided the registry was a spot we should try to be more grown-up. We had that conversation in the barware section of Crate & Barrel in January.

Here are some of my personal highlights from the registry:


All images via Crate and Barrel // Clockwise from top left – Jojo Highball Glasses, Rika Dinner Plate, 5-Beer Sampler Set, Wine and Dine Plate,

Fuh-lipping Love!


Here I am looking super thrilled // Personal Photo


That’s more like it – OBSESSED with the seaglass color bathroom items!! // Personal Photo


I want to crawl into this bed and live there for the rest of eternity. // Personal Photo

How amazing is that bedroom set above!? I told Cam all afternoon that when we bought a house, we were going to make that exact room. I registered for the entire “Seaside” bedding set, including the $179.95 duvet cover, and gave it the little “favorite” icon. I. WILL. OWN. THIS. BEDDING. SET.

It was a successful afternoon, and didn’t hurt that it was super springy inside the store, (and out – it was 76 degrees here today!) and it reminded me that it’s almost summer, which means it’s almost Labor Day which means it’s almost our wedding! Only five months left :)We also registered at Macy’s (for china & crystal that my mom insisted I register for, and kitchen appliances), and will be registering at Target as well. We wanted to give guests a variety of stores to choose from with a variety of prices, but as with everything, we will be grateful and happy for anything and everything that we receive!

Where did you register? Do you have multiple registries? Did you obsess over the Crate and Barrel bed displays like I did? Do you live in a Crate and Barrel/Can I come visit?


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