The One With All the Colors

How does one go about choosing their wedding color scheme? I have no idea. Somewhere along the way I decided that my wedding should be yellow & gray. If you haven’t seen this combination, you are in for a treat:

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. It’s perfect for our laid back soiree. Unfortunately, i couldn’t find the right shade of gray in the bridesmaid dresses, and I really didn’t want a yellow dress for some reason. If you recall from this post, we ended up choosing navy dresses. Nowhere on the yellow-gray spectrum.

The guys are going to wear light gray suits with yellow/white striped ties (probably), so that leaves all-yellow flowers as the real yellow focal point right? Wrong. For some reason I just don’t like the look of all-yellow flowers.

I have yet to meet with the florist, but I’m picturing an all white bouquet for myself and pastel colors for the ladies including pinks and peaches.


Image via One Wed


Image via weddingomania

No yellow in sight.

So maybe in the decor? Not gonna happen:

So, I guess rather than having strict wedding colors, we now have a palette! I couldn’t be happier. Who says you have to have everything be seafoam and coral?

How did you choose your wedding colors? Do you have a strict theme or are you like me and kind of all over the place?


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