The One With All the Pin-spiration

When I pictured my wedding growing up, there were no clear cut ideas in my head. Something about a white dress and a handsome prince.


Oops, too late! // Image via

That’s okay, I don’t like dresses with sleeves anyway.

For the last 2 years I knew an engagement was on the horizon, so my ideas became a little more clear, but were still pretty hazy. “Something about being near the water. Something about a tent. Ah, I have time.

Then, October 7, 2012 my ring finger newly dressed in sparkles, I realized that we had to actually plan a wedding. A real one. Not one in my head that doesn’t need real details like napkins and favors and hotel blocks.

I set about to determine what “vibe” our wedding should give off. I remember thinking it was easier to decide what vibe we didn’t want to give off:

– The black tie affair
– The ballroom elegant cocktail hotel ballroom
– The rustic barn ceremony (this is only because I want water nearby, I adore barn weddings)
– The elopement

As you can see there were still about a bajillion options out there. As you’ll remember from our venue search we had decided on certain criteria. Other than it needed to be in our budget, they all described the vibe: Outdoor, near water, with a tent.

I didn’t really even realize it, but the wedding-vibe started to take shape right there. You can dress a venue up or down as much as you want, and turn it into the wedding in your head, but I just think I subconsciously knew it was turning into a more semi-casual affair.

On the way home from that trip, I started looking at Pinterest for ideas. Obviously I had a board entitled “Someday” with about 300 pins of wedding ideas. But as with the wedding in my head growing up, they were all over the place. I made a new board, called it September 2013 and set about pinning ONLY pins that I wanted at my wedding. All of a sudden, we had a direction. Here are some of the pins on my board:


Images via: (#1) Ruche, (#2) StyleMePretty, (#3) FiftyFlowers, (#4) WeddingChicks, (#5) Weheartit, (#6) Elizabeth Anne Designs

Ohhhh, okay. I see it now. It’s kinda casual, kinda rustic, romantic, and very comfortable. It’s Southern, but with enough modern charm to keep our yankee families happy. I don’t have a good word to define it, but I can sense that the vibe it’s going to give off is exactly what I feel when I look at these inspiration pictures.

I’m currently working with my wedding designer to design our versions of the above photos, but suffice it to say there are a lot of words being thrown out there to include “burlap”, “lace”, “cafe lights”, “pillows”, “lounge area,” and “mason jars.”

So whatever you call it, it’s my wedding! 🙂

Has anyone else out there been Pinteresting like crazy? Did it help you narrow down what you want, or was it overwhelming? Do you have a “vibe” your wedding is giving off?





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