The One With the Friendors

Hello. Have you ever thought to yourself – I wonder if I have any friends or family who work in the wedding industry? Or catering? Or photography? Hair and makeup? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have a friend vendor.. a friendor!

Ah, the friendor.

Talk about mixing business with pleasure.

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of friendors. Why you might ask? Because we have 3. If it were up to me, we’d have even more than that, but there are some extenuating circumstances.. more on that later.

Pros: Friendors are great resources to have because by and large they will give you some sort of discount/extra service/free crap etc. This obviously comes in handy when you’re working with a budget, which you know we are. They will typically be more flexible and helpful to really get exactly what. You’re helping them help you.. like Jerry Maguire.

Cons: There are some weird instances where people offer their music/design/catering services, where you don’t really share the same.. let’s call it ‘vision’ to keep it PC. You don’t want to offend them, but you also want the wedding to be what you want. Obviously this can cause some lingering issues years after the wedding takes place.

I recognize that every situation is different, so of course the above statement was a generalization, and knock on wood we have not had this situation yet.

What we do have is pretty great!

1. Photography: If you recall from my engagement photos post, we decided to use Cam’s former co-worker-slash-friend – Robert Ross! He’s giving us a deep discount, which is well appreciated in the photography department since Charleston wedding photographers average somewhere around $3500 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). We will end up paying a fraction of that, and all we need to buy is a hotel room/meal! Plus he’s going to bring his family and hang out on the beach for a few days.. win-win.

2. Music: Cam was in a fraternity in college (1-8-4-5-ALPHA-SIGMA-PHI! … brownie points for mentioning that), and as such has about a bajillion brothers/friends, which I think is great. It also means we have quite a diverse group of individuals. Lucky for us, one of those is the part-owner of a DJ/Karaoke company based out of Charlotte – Chubby’s Karaoke. Besides holding some pretty rocking karaoke nights around town – check it out if you’re a Charlotte resident! – he’s done a ton of fraternity weddings, and our’s is no exception. He wants to help us out, and we want to give him business. He’s a great friend, and we also want to have him enjoy our wedding, so he’s going to send an employee to DJ our reception. Again, we need to pay for a hotel night and a meal.

3. Hair: As a result of Cam having a bajillion fraternity brothers, they all have a bajillion wives/girlfriends/fiances/baby mommas (there are 3 fraternity weddings this year alone.. and 4 babies due!). Of course, these are the girls I have grown to become good friends with as I see them everywhere (we sound a little like a cult, don’t we?) Through one of Cam’s groomsman’s wife, I met an amazing friend named Caroline. Turns out, she also was studying at the Aveda institute for hair! What started as a favor (I needed highlights and was poor, Caroline needed a model with blonde hair to show her boss/teacher she knew what she was doing), blossomed into a friendship. Now, not only is she my hairdresser, she’s my friend! I wanted to ask her if she would do my hair for my wedding, but was going to wait until much closer to the wedding until she knew if she was going to be able to come to Charleston or not. But, at my last haircut/highlight appointment, she said “let me do your hair for your wedding! It’ll be my present to you!” I of course protested and said I would pay her, and she insisted “no, no – I’m a horrible gift giver!” Once again, win-win. Shameless plug: Go visit Caroline at Follicle Salon on East Blvd. if you’re in Charlotte! Maybe we can chat while my foils are in 🙂

I really want to have Cam’s father get ordained online because he’s a great public speaker, and he’s hilarious. He could have been a minister + entertainer.. a ministainer!

There’s no one better there’s no one greater!

Unfortunately, I can’t really find out if South Carolina recognizes the online ordinations. Anyone out there know? I think it would be an amazing, personal touch and I think it would mean a lot to him.

All in all, I’m very happy with our friendors. They have cut our would-be costs more than in half, and if we can get my FFIL ordained online it would save even more.

Anyone else out there with friendors? What has your experience been? Are you saving a ton of money like we are? Want to see another Charlie photo (by popular demand)? Okay here you go!


personal photo


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