The One With The Budget

Hello hive!

Up until now, with the exception of my engagement pictures, all of my posts were written a while ago, while I was waiting to hear from the ‘bee. From here on out, it’ll be real-time, so get excited!

My apologies that my posts were sort of all over the place, that was pretty much where my mind was for the first half of my engagement! Which leads me to my next point – I am halfway through my engagement. Yowsa.

One of the first things we talked about, as with any good wedding planning, was the budget. Now, I don’t have to tell any of you that there are a TON of variants when it comes to the wedding budget – one or both sets of parents pay for everything, plus or minus the couple, there are “wedding funds”, there are loans, and there are couples who pay for the entire wedding completely on their own.


Image via MagnetStreet


When we sat down to look at the numbers, it was so overwhelming that I think I may have blacked out a little bit. You see, we are paying for this almost entirely ourselves. Unfortunately, my parents don’t have a fund set aside for me (I never assumed they did), and they are helping where they can but my dad lost his job several years ago and they just don’t have the disposable income right now.

As you’ll remember from my prior post, I knew I was getting engaged soon, so the logical thing would have been to start saving money oh, I don’t know, a year or so ago. Unfortunately, this did not happen.

I have never, EVER been good with money. If I have cash in my pocket, it’s gone. It burns a hole and scalds my skin until I go to Target for a toothbrush and come out with $200 worth of shower curtains, pillows and dresses instead.

But even my mom says that this wedding budget has been pretty well controlled by yours truly. I get paid once a month, and at the end of my pay period, I put literally whatever is leftover from my personal account into our new fancy shmancy wedding account. The tough part about this is, knock on wood, the unforeseen expenses. Since our budget is sort of a work in progress, that gets bigger every month, I can roughly calculate the amount we’ll have by September, but what if (KNOCK.ON.WOOD) something goes wrong? What if my car needs new tires? (not likely) What if Charlie eats a sock and needs surgery (more likely)?


Total sidebar. Charlie pretending she doesn’t love to eat socks. // Personal Photo


It’s hard to have a firm “budget” in mind when it’s sort of always changing.

Right now, we have enough in the account to pay for the caterer, baker, venue, flowers and officiant, so at the very least, at least we have the bare bones for a wedding!

Oh, hive. I stress about this on the reg. I obsess with the numbers and add them and add them again, and write out every category of everything I could possibly have to pay for over and over. I know at the end of the day, the wedding will happen and we’ll be married, but part of me can’t help but be materialistic and wish we had a budget of $50,000.

Side bar: I am going to a wedding next month where the pricetag is roughly $50k. Will update on that later.

So who else out there has budget woes? How did you handle it? Did you stress?




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