The One With Our Engagement Pictures

Hello hive!

As every other bee does, today I’d love to share my engagement photos with you!

First, a little background. So Cam works at a newspaper right? Anyone who lives in 2013 knows that unfortunately print media is not exactly an up-and-coming industry. Several jobs ago, he worked at a reaaaaally small community newspaper that unfortunately got absorbed by a larger company. The photographer for that paper decided to get out while the getting was good, and started his own personal photography business. When Cam’s sisters got married, two years apart, he suggested that Robert do their photography. Again, at this point he was relatively new to the wedding game. His work is fabulous. Here are a couple photos of my future sister-in-laws aka Bridesmaid C and Bridesmaid E:

Photo via of Robert Ross Photography Facebook Group // Image credit Robert Ross Photography

Photo via of Robert Ross Photography Facebook Group // Image credit Robert Ross Photography

Fun, right?

So, fast forward several years, and now the Cameras could use some assistance in the photography department. Robert has since done many weddings and other various photography assignments, and his work has only gotten better. The best part was that since Cam had referred 2 weddings to him (and a third this summer!), and was a friend, he is giving us an insane discount.

I guess that’s what you call a Friend-or. More on that later, as we have several.

So on a surprisingly warm December afternoon, we ventured out into the city of Charlotte looking for locations for our engagement photos. We really wanted some city-scapes, and also wanted to have some sunset photos. It was about 3 weeks before Christmas, and all the lights and decorations were already set up. What we ended up with was better than I imagined.

For your viewing pleasure:

  I’m kinda in love with them. They’re so different than the standard photos I’ve seen (which are great, don’t get me wrong), I just wanted to do something a little different. I wanted some to be Christmas-y without being overpowering, and I think Robert did a great job of that.

PS: The photo with all the Charlotte signs is at the Green, where Cam proposed!

Did you have engagement photos taken? Were they taken at a place that was special to you?


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