Say Cheese: the Cameras Are Here!

Hello, hive!! I am so beyond elated to introduce myself as the newest bee – I’m Miss Camera! On Saturday afternoon, I was getting ready to go visit Mr. Camera’s (let’s call him Cam) sister in the hospital, because she just had fraternal twin boys! I decided to check my email on the way out the door, and saw “Weddingbee Application” from Mrs. Penguin. In all honesty, guys, I applied almost 2 months ago and just assumed I had been passed over, so of course I was setting myself up for disappointment.


The first line of the email saying I was accepted to blog caused me to yelp. Which scared my dog. And my cat. And Cam. I did a lot of happy dancing before we had to rush out of the house and get on the road. Where I proceeded to happy dance all the way to the hospital. Before we left, I grabbed the dog and made Cam snap a photo:


“Charlie I’m going to be Miss Camera! Why aren’t you more excited!?”

I’ve been so enthralled with Weddingbee ever since I found it on a random Google search of wedding-related items. (Confession: this was pre-engagement. OOPS.) When my friends got engaged, I said “hey – you should check out this website! It looks so helpful.” Naturally, when I actually received a ring (more on that later), my first stop on the wedding-planning-express was! The more I read the more I loved the community atmosphere and how real and down-to-earth all the input was. I decided to apply to blog, but had to wait a few more months as I was still 10 months out from The Big Day.

As you can see, I’ve been waiting for this day for a while. So without further ado (insert fanfare here).. I proudly present….. THE CAMERAS!

personal photo – a friend’s wedding

We have been together for 3 1/2 years and will be married in 6 months! Now let’s meet the Cameras –

She: A 27-year-old Emergency Physician Assistant from Pittsburgh, PA who relocated to North Carolina for work in 2009 who loves to bake cupcakes, watch rom-coms, play with Charlie and Milo (the furry Camera children – you’ll meet them soon), and shop til I drop. I know waaaaay too much about celebrities, and I am addicted to TV. I love the beach, football, and everything about my alma mater Penn State (WE ARE…). Oh and I love the Steelers. Like a lot. And I’m obsessed (still) with the show Friends. I’m going to title all of my future blog posts like Friends episodes. I apologize in advance if you think that’s dumb.

He: A 31-year-old Newspaper Editor from all over the place, but who identifies with Michigan, who moved to North Carolina in 2002 to attend Appalachian State University who loves sports, sports and more sports. And music. And Miss Camera of course. And sports.

We: We met on one month after I moved to North Carolina and our first date was to eat wings, drink beer and watch football (I’m a keeper.). While it wasn’t love at first sight, it was definitely a connection, because I agreed to go out with him again. And again after that. And again after that. And.. you get the point. We moved in together when we moved to Charlotte, where we now live with our pets. Charlotte is perfect for us – it’s a mecca for transplants like us and there is always something to do. We have the best friends in the world and spend time with them whenever possible. We also have 3 nephews and 1 niece! We’re best friends and soon we’ll be family.


Hive, I am SO happy to be here and hope you’ll enjoy following my journey as much as I am enjoying living it!


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