The One Where We Ate Cake for Breakfast

So far, Cam hasn’t been too involved in the wedding planning. As with most fiances, he’s leaving the bulk of the work up to me. On one hand I appreciate that he’s giving me free reign to have the wedding of my dreams, but I sure wish he was a little bit more interested.

Enter: cake tasting.

All of a sudden the wedding is all he can talk about. But he doesn’t care about flowers or dresses or cocktail napkins, his interest lies solely in the eyes of what delicious desserts will make an appearance at the reception.

Now, wedding cakes are beautiful, but they sure are overpriced. In my circle of friends, I’m known as the cupcake queen – I bake all sorts of cupcakes for every occasion.

Not to toot my own horn, but I do make a mean cupcake, so.. toot toot! Examples:

(Left) Devil’s food with peanut butter frosting and a mini reese’s inside. (Top Right) Yellow cake with chocolate buttercream. (Bottom Right) Chocolate cupcake with peppermint frosting and peppermint bark! // Personal Photo

Someone actually asked if I planned to bake cupcakes for my own wedding.

Uh, no. Thanks for asking.

However, a light bulb went off – cupcakes are way cheaper, about half as much as a traditional tiered wedding cake. Plus, people would think “that’s so them,” because again, in the most simplest of terms, me = cupcakes. It’s just expected that I show up with at least 2 dozen cupcakes.

I don’t want to take away from the magical cake-cutting moment, thus, we will be having a cupcake display of 4 different cupcakes with a small 6″ cake for the top of the tower for us to smash in each others’ faces. In the most loving way of course.

Recently, we headed to Charleston to meet with our caterer and bakery to do some taste testing. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the only time our baker could meet with us was at 10am. Here was the exact conversation that followed me finding this out:

Miss Camera: Oh, we have to meet the baker at 10am because that’s the only time she can meet us on Friday
Cam: CAKE FOR BREAKFAST!? WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apparently I am marring an 8 year old boy.

But our baker is fabulous (Michelle from Dolce Bakery), breakfast was delicious, and we decided on 4 different types of cupcakes – well, Cam decided. I put him in charge.

1. Chocolate with chocolate icing with chocolate shavings
2. Coconut with vanilla buttercream with toasted coconut
3. Lemon Chiffon with cream cheese whipped icing with candied lemon peel
4. Almond with whipped chocolate icing with toasted almonds

They will be decorated with their own elements rather than fondant and sugar flowers.. which was great for the rustic vibe our wedding is developing. And our 6″ top cake will be (again, Cam’s choice) lemon chiffon cake with coconut cream filling and vanilla buttercream.

We signed our contract and sent in our deposit, and now Cam has to wait 6 months until he can eat his beloved cake. I don’t know if I can put up with him that long.

Did you have a cake or cupcakes? Or a dessert bar? Was your fiance more interested in the cake than anything else?


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