The One With S’More Love

As you recall from my last post, I will be making a large percentage of the wedding using my own, 2 beautiful, craft-tastic hands. This has resulted in making personalized mason jars, signage, etc.

My lovely future husband asked what the favors would be. I responded with “Um, the mason jars with chalkboard stickers on them.” His reply was, so poignantly put, “Who’s gonna want to take that home?”

My answer would have been “DUH. EVERYONE.” But he did have a point. Most people give out little individual bags of personalized M&Ms, or wine glasses with the couple’s name and date. Those are all well and good, but just don’t fit the vibe our wedding is sending off (in my mind).

We thought and thought, and googled and Bing’d, and finally it hit me. Our wedding site has an option for renting a caste-iron fire pit. End of summer? Party by the river? Fire pit?

It was so obvious – S’Mores!

Clearly, with the wedding still 6 months away, I cannot purchase the supplies needed for S’Mores, that delightful end of summer campfire treat. However, I can look online for inspirational photos! Enjoy:


Tag by MissPicklesPress on / via


Image via Mrs. Buffalo // Favor from Event Solutions


Image via Elizabeth Anne Designs //  Photo credit Meg Perotti

I’m putting this project on the back burner, but will update s’more (see what I did there!) later when it’s finalized!

What sort of favors are you planning to give out? Are they edible? Are you having anything fun and favor-related like a fire pit?


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