The One Where I Live in a DIY Factory

Poor Cam.

Our townhouse has become a mecca for glitter, kraft paper, chalkboard paint, mason jars, and straws with little flags.

Everywhere you turn there is another cluster of half-finished projects and DIY supplies.

You see, I am pretty crafty.

In the good way – not in the menacing, witch-crafty kinda way.

I always have and probably always will be, which bodes well for my future children. “No honey, we don’t need to go buy a Spiderman costume, I’ve got a red sweatshirt and some black yarn here. I’ll whip one up in a jiff!”

As soon as we were engaged, I knew a large portion of this wedding would come from the brain of myself. And I wanted it that way. I definitely knew for certain that I did not want a cookie cutter hotel ballroom wedding. One thing is for sure – it definitely is not turning out to be cookie cutter.

I’ve done a few projects so far, but I’m about to turn up the gas and really get cookin.’

Here’s a little bit of what I’ve been up to:


These were a HUGE hit (thank goodness!). I really debated whether or not to attempt any paper products, but I figured a save the date was a good place to start. Friends and family have been raving. // Personal Photo

This, is so far, my favorite DIY project. It’s our Save the Date! While I was tempted to use an engagement photo, I suddenly had a thought to make this, and after giving MOH JJ and Cam a preview, it was a go. So I got all the supplies, designed and printed 100 of these bad boys, and stuck a magnet on the back! I’ve gotten a TON of compliments on them from our guests, which made my heart super happy!



Chalkboard sticker vinyl cut out with an EK Success paper cutter and a paper straw with a little flag! Once the guest list is complete, the stickers will have names on them. // Personal Photo


Paper straws with wedding colors! Excuse the quality of the photo – iphones weren’t made for high resolution pictures of straws on shiny tables. // Personal Photo

My current wishlist for DIY projects besides these three (which are almost done) include:
– A banner of some sort to hang behind the cake table
– LOTS of chalkboard signs for the food, bar, etc.
– Vintage suitcase with a bunting banner for a card box
– Flower hair piece
– Bridesmaid tote bags/gifts (possibly)

And there are still many, many more to come! Stay tuned.

Who else is a big DIY-er? Are you tackling any paper products such as Save the Dates or Invitations?


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