The One Where I Said Yes to the Dress

Without the help of Randy.

Ah yes, wedding dress shopping. So my parents came down from Pennsylvania and my mom, future mother-in-law and one of my future sisters-in-law and I headed off to the bridal salon. We walked inside and there was no sit down with a bridal consultant. No satin robe. No champagne glasses clinking.

It was an overwhelming sea of tulle, satin, and lace in every shade of white you could imagine. “Go ahead and take up to 8 dresses in the fitting room.” We had no idea where to start.

I’ve heard it can be overwhelming, but let me tell you – you don’t understand until you’ve done it. I remember standing in the middle of several racks of dresses and just shaking. Partly from anticipation of putting on my first ever wedding dress, but also because it was terrifying.

Nobody ever tells you that part.

So we just dove in – head first! I think I tried on one of every kind of gown that exists.. including the ones I knew wouldn’t work for me, I just wanted to try it to prove to myself. I’ve always had a hard time finding clothes that look good on me – I’m short (5’3″) and a little stout (currently working on that), so I knew the mermaids and ballgowns would just look ridiculous on me, and guess what – I was right.

2 hours and 20 dresses later, I actually had one that I liked enough to try on a second time. I stood and stared in the mirror thinking this could be it, but it just wasn’t perfect. The bridal consultant reappeared and said “I know what to do.” She left and came back with a satin sash with just enough bling. She “jacked me up” with a veil. My mom cried. I had a big idiotic grin on my face.

It was “the one.”

Thank God that’s over.

Hive, I’m not going to show you my dress here because I just know Cam is going to be reading, so just take it from me: I. Look. Good. Maybe we’ll make a deal when it comes in and I go for fittings!

Did you have a certain type of dress in mind or did you go in completely open-minded? How many dresses did you try on?


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