The One Where We Choose “the Song”

Guys, of all the decisions we have to make with this wedding, narrowing down our large, eclectic music collection to a coveted few is turning out to be a lot harder than I ever thought it would, should or could be.

By and large, Cam and I like the same music. Which was a major factor in the early days of our relationship. Some would call our taste “indie,” which by definition means music on independent labels that isn’t played all over the radio. IE, most of our friends have no idea what we listen to and ask us to turn it off when we attempt to play it. I mean, up until a few months ago they told us to turn off Mumford & Sons.

I also have a huge girl crush on Britney Spears.

I’m all over the map, ya’ll.

The biggest song, our first dance song, took a lot of time to decide on. We discussed both indie and mainstream songs, fast and slow, new and old. We whittled down the list to include Van Morrison, Mumford & Sons, Old Crowe Medicine Show, and Jack Johnson. None seemed to fit the exact vibe we were going for.

In the end, the answer was so ridiculously clear and awesome it’s almost unbelievable how perfect it is for us. It’s indie enough for Cam, it’s romantic, it’s a little upbeat, and not a boring 3 1/2 minute swayfest.

Introducing our First Dance Song for your listening pleasure:

Ray Lamontagne – You Are the Best Thing

Next up was our bridal party entrance music. Again, we had some obvious choices (Earth Wind & Fire – September? Uh, definitely pertinent.. definitely played out). But then it came to me, it’s upbeat and it’s one of our favorite songs –

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes – Home:

We’re still working on ceremony music, mother/son and father/daughter dance, as well as the rest of our music for the entire reception, but like I said – it’s a big deal to us!

Was music an important part of your ceremony and/or reception? How did you end up choosing the “important songs?”


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