The One With the Bridesmaid Dresses

It’s difficult enough to find a dress for me. A small part of me wanted no piece of choosing a dress for my friends.

Enter Matron of Honor! Ah, my best friend. We’ll call her JJ. I knew she’d be there for me, that’s why I asked her to be such a special part of my wedding! On a trip up to Pennsylvania for a weekend, we went to a local salon and she modeled for me as I sat back in a comfy chair and drank some wine. That. Was. The. Life. I wish we could have included some other bridesmaids, but I have 8. Yes, eight. This is more on the part of Cam than on me.. honestly! When we sat down to try and figure out our wedding party, he gave me a list of 15 guys!!! I made him narrow it down, but 8 was as low as he’d go. So I came up with 8 bridesmaids. And they are all scattered across the eastern seaboard. It would have been impossible to arrange a day that everyone could go together, but I figured they would trust my judgement. And I had MOH JJ there to represent for them.

She tried on 5 or 6 dresses, but none of them were quite right. This one was too long. That one was too short. This one was too tight. That one was too bulky. We wanted fun, flirty and comfortable. And as always, I wanted them to “be able to wear it again!” (Side bar: I’ve been a bridesmaid in 7 weddings. I have 7 bridesmaid dresses hanging in my closet. Well, 6. One of them was too ugly to give up the closet space. I have never. EVER. worn a dress again.. but my wedding is different. Let me think that for now)

Our colors are going to be gray & yellow, so we ideally were looking for a gray dress. Unfortunately, all the dresses we tried on either didn’t come in the right shade of gray or we didn’t like the dress. We are about to abandon all hope, when this lovely consultant brought over this little Bill Levkoff number. MOH tried it on and immediately had a smile on her face. She said it was comfortable, lightweight and felt very flattering. The only issue is it came in yet another horrendous shade of gray. The sample (pictured below) was navy blue, and I spent the next 10 minutes lamenting about how I wish I had picked navy as a wedding color. MOH JJ to the rescue yet again: she said “well, why don’t you just add navy?”

And that was that. More on the color palette later, but here is the dress we chose!


Bill Levkoff style #323// Personal Photo


MOH JJ with a headless mannequin showing off what the blue will look like next to a gray suit. But with a yellow and white striped tie instead of hot pink. // Personal Photo

Bill Levkoff for the win! Flattering, flirty, and uber comfortable according to the MOH. It was settled. Navy dresses that they’ll (hopefully) wear again!

I had a weird look on my face, and MOH JJ said “what’s wrong?” .. my response was “I want to wear this dress myself!” So, yeah. I’m happy with them. Did anyone else have a lot of trouble choosing dresses for their bridal party? Did you get a lot of bridesmaid’s input or did you take just one or two? Did you find it difficult to find the right shade to fit your wedding palette?


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